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We take care of our guests! Use the promo code PROHOOKER20 on your next Grunden’s order and save 20%!

Performance Shirts

Gear up like the pros and remember your epic trip!

Professional Hooker and Sara Star Performance shirts can be ordered here:  

Fish Socks

Professional.Hooker Fish Socks made by FISHSOXUSA 

What makes these fish socks unique? The prints are from real fish caught by real anglers! The striper and mahi mahi are from fish that Coral caught over the summer while the bluefin tuna print came from Kaylee Nell. Socks are $15 a pair + shipping. Size medium generally fits women. Size Large generally fits men. Vemno only @coral-aiello. Message us through this form and we’ll get back to you! (Stock is LIMITED!)

Order Socks

You NEED fish on your feet! Please indicate which type of sock you are interested in "Bluefin" "Mahi" or "Striper."  Socks are $15 plus shipping, venmo only to @coral-aiello. 

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